Food Safety and Quality Assurance Policy Statement

At Snobelen Farms Ltd, we strive to meet customer expectations by continuously delivering high quality and safe products, through consistent and reliable customer service.

We do this by adhering to our Quality Management System and making customer satisfaction a top priority.

Snobelen Farms Ltd is committed to:

  • Continuous review and improvement of our processes;
  • Handling and processing products according to all applicable legislation and environmental requirements;
  • Provide ongoing training and education to our staff;
  • Measure the effectiveness of our Quality Management system through 3rd party audits, management reviews and customer feedback.

Quality Management System and Identity Preserved Soybeans

Snobelen Farms Ltd is committed to sourcing and providing high quality soybeans to our domestic and international customers. This is possible through the hard work, commitment to quality and excellent customer service you can find in our staff. Additionally, our extensive IP systems have strict protocols and testing to ensure superior quality from seed to market.

Our Quality procedures and Production processes apply to all elevators handling IP and Non-GMO product. The Snobelen Farms Ltd Quality Management System is built on the CIPRS (Canadian Identity Preserved Recognition System) and HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) principles. Our employees are regularly trained and our facilities inspected to ensure safety and a clean environment.

All this allows us to maintain the integrity, identity and purity of our IP beans, and also to deliver a safe, quality product.


Snobelen Farms Ltd sources Huron and Bruce County Non-GMO soybeans as part of our “Sustainable Soybean Group” for the European market.

Sustainability means different things to different industries and markets. For our group, it means to plant and harvest in a way that preserves soil health, the environment and the local economy.

See this great Sustainability Map from our partners at Grain Farmers of Ontario:

Being a sustainable grower means market access and increased premiums. For information on joining the Snobelen Farms Ltd Sustainable Soybean Group, contact Lily @ the Lucknow Office, at 519-528-2092.


Meeting customer’s expectation is naturally a top priority for us. Our commitment to continuous improvement and our Quality Management programs demonstrate this.

Our elevators and Food Grade operations are regularly audited to ensure best practices and compliance.


  • CIPRS (Canadian Identity Preservation Recognition System)

It certifies that our receiving, processing and handling system of pedigree seed is effective.

  • HACCP ( Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points)

Preventative food safety system that addresses all aspects of the food grade operation through all potential physical, biological and chemical hazards.


  • Feed Material Assurance Scheme

Based on HACCP principles, it is an animal feed safety scheme. This certification allows us to ship feed materials to the UK.