Planter must be thoroughly cleaned out and inspected prior to planting Identity Preserved (IP) and Non-GMO crops, even when hiring a custom planter. Planter cleaning procedures are as follows:
-Empty drill/planter boxes and remove any caked-on deposits.
-Blow out or wash out trapped grain from boxes.
-Open feed cup gates to drain any trapped grain.
-Vacuum any trapped grain from the drill box.
-Use compressed air/turn the fan on to blow out seed tube and seed boots.
-If air is not available then lightly tap seed tube to free any trapped grain.


-Attempt to plant IP and Non-Gmo crops before planter is used on other crops. IP and Non-Gmo seed bags should be stored separately from other seed prior to planting.
-Approved isolation distances for the IP/Non-Gmo crops must be observed. A soybean crop is required to be at least three meters apart from another soybean crop and another pulse crop.
-Growers should endeavor to leave a minimum one-meter isolation distance between an IP/Non-Gmo field and fields of crops that do not require the three-meter isolation.
-Grower must have detailed records of: previous crops grown on fields; detailed field maps; written history of previous crops grown, planter cleaning procedure, isolation distances